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WHMCS DNS moduleLatest version: 1.4

Tools4ISP offers a module that allows you to manage the records from SimpleDNS or DNSshop API* with your WHMCS panel.
* DNSshop is a frontend for PowerDNS

   Search domainnames
   Add, Change and Remove records
   Set Hostname
   Supported record types: A, AAAA, ALIAS, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SRV, TLSA and TXT
   Set TTL
   Set priority form MX records
   Set adress/value for records

- You'll need an installation of WHMCS and a valid WHMCS license.
- A basic installation (local or separate) of SimpleDNS or DNSshop API.

Installation guide and user manual
To get an impression of our WHMCS Multisite module, you can download the user guide here.

Free trial
Convince yourself of the possibilities and download our free trial version(full) here.

Description One time Yearly Apiece
Module license (includes update downloads and support contract) € 150,- € 50,-
Module installed by Tools4ISP + € 30,-
Update installed by Tools4ISP + € 30,-

* the "Update downloads and support contract" is not required but highly recommended

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