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Custom tools for WHMCS

Tools 4 ISP can also help you with many services that are designed for ISPs.

For example server management or services that we only offer to ISPs and all services are available completely white label to your customers if you want.

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LIR as a Service

At Tools 4 ISP we believe in the power of working together. To make this easier and cheaper for everyone we offer to use our LIR as a Service solution. This works in the RIPE region and will reduce the need for keeping your LIR at RIPE NCC.

You can transfer your ASN, PI and PA IP space to us. You are for us the owner of the ASN and IP space. We allow you to leave at any time (if all bills are paid) with all your IP space (RIPE restrictions could be in place). You own the PA space as far as possible, eg you are free to leave and transfer your PA space away.

Description Pricing
Fixed fee for PA space € 500/year
Fixed fee for PI space € 100/year
Fixed fee for ASN (first one free if you also have PA space with us) € 50/year
Changes (eg nameservers) € 15/change

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Basic rules:

Pay within 1 month, if invoices are not paid within 2 months and we tried to contact you in multiple ways we keep the right to reduce the ability to use your IP space (eg wrong RPKI information/rDNS/etc). After 3 months you will loose the rights to PA space. If you need more than 1 month to pay contact us and as long as there is a payment plan that you follow no limitations apply. Abuse is not allowed. If we are contacted about abuse we will contact you. When no reply is received and no appropriate action is taken we have the right to reduce the ability to use your IP space. A contract is required, once you contacted us we will create it and send it to you. Only after all required documentation is returned/uploaded the transfer will happen.

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