server management

DNS management

Tools 4 ISP can also help you with many services that are designed for ISPs.

For example server management or services that we only offer to ISPs and all services are available completely white label to your customers if you want.

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PowerDNS management

Tools 4 ISP is able to help you with all types of PowerDNS related support and management. We developed our own control panel for PowerDNS and this is available to you, it is called DNSShop. We run multiple PowerDNS setups with a 100% uptime for 10+ years now.

Why choose Tools 4 ISP?

  • We have many years of experience with PowerDNS
  • We know the PowerDNS developers
  • We have seen many DNS misconfigured situations and can help you to improve/solve them
  • We will focus on keeping your domains available in the DNS; you can focus on selling domains and related services
  • DNSsec is something that we are using for years


  • Web interface
  • API for almost all commands
  • Documentation
  • Whitelabel (URL and name as seen by users can be completely different)
  • Permission management so you can give a user limited access
  • Multiple languages (Dutch and English)
  • Multiple users per account possible
  • Multiple accounts per user possible
  • Multiple account levels possible (useful for resellers, 5 levels deep is no problem)

We offer multiple types of services regarding PowerDNS:

  1. We install and manage your DNS servers (minimum of 2 servers, we suggest to place them in multiple datacenters and networks). Servers should be DNS servers only and should not be used for other non-related services (a virtual server will normally work). If you have a DNS(sec) related question we are there to help you.
    1. We can do this on an hourly rate and every time we do something we will bill you (DNSShop not included)
    2. We can do this for a fixed monthly fee (DNSShop included)
  2. Hosted PowerDNS dedicated to you
    1. Completely whitelabel
    2. We provide the virtual machines, install and manage your DNS servers (minimum of 2 servers in multiple networks and datacenters provided)
    3. Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, custom reverse DNS possible
    4. SSL certificate included
    5. DNSShop included
    6. Asking all kinds of DNS(sec) related questions is possible
    7. For a fixed monthly fee (based on the number of servers)
    8. Hosted DNS (DNS as a Service)
    9. DNSShop (on request on your own URL and in that case an own template is possible)
    10. Asking all kinds of DNS(sec) related questions is possiblev
    11. Whitelabel name for the name servers (on request)
    12. Pricing based on the number of domains, fixed monthly fee

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