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WHMCS Statistic tool

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WHMCS StatisticsLatest version: 1.7

Generate useful statistics
WHMCS Statistics addon is created to generate more specific statistics, with this module you can also generate useful statistics by seperated brand (when using Multi-site).
Generate visual and numbered statistics by income, clients, domainnames and groups (for each brand when using Multi-site). Very useful for summary and accounting.


   Clients by group
   Income by group
   Transactions by group
   Visual statistics
   Download invoices per date function.

If used our Multisite module you can also view statistics per brand:

   Clients by brand
   Groups by brand
   Sites by brand
   Income by brand
   Transactions by brand
   Visual statistics

Installation guide and user manual
To get an impression of our WHMCS Statistics module, you can download the user guide here.

Description One time Yearly Apiece
Module license (includes update downloads and support contract) € 150,- € 50,-
Module installed by Tools4ISP + € 30,-
Update installed by Tools4ISP + € 30,-

* the "Update downloads and support contract" is not required but highly recommended